Phabricator as bug tracker system (off topic)

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Tue Apr 14 06:52:01 UTC 2015

> we need to move Agda's bug tracker system from Google Code to something else.
Finally! I disliked Google Code so much that if I found a bug in Agda I either mailed it to the 
discussion list or did not report it at all.

And now on topic:
- the only project I've been using Trac for is GHC. It seems to lack some more advanced features 
but from a developer's perspective it conatins everything necessary to do the job. It can be 
customized to the needs of a project. I think the only major downside of Trac is that a single 
installation can only run a single project. Probably not a problem for Agda.
- GitHubs issue tracker lacks many fetures that might be essential for a larger project. For 
example you can't assign related issues or blocked issues. There is no way to add attachments or 
customize it in any way (eg. GHC Trac can list test names for a given ticket and connects tickets 
to phabricator). Still better than Google Code IMO.
- I've been also using and administrating Redmine. It is feature rich and much more intuitive than 
Trac (at least for me). One instance can run multiple projects. Major downside: it starts slowly 
(ie. if no one was using it recently and someone visits it the instance must be started and that 
takes several seconds).
- I've been also using Bugzilla, mostly to report bugs for some open-source project. For a pearson 
that only reports bugs it was OK. Not sure how it works for a developer.



> From some preliminary investigation, it seems Phabricator bug tracker
> system (Maniphest) is more robust than GitHub one.
> I would appreciate some feedback related to Maniphest or other bug
> tracker system.
> Thanks,

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