Random infrastructure requests, questions and suggestions

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at p.lodz.pl
Mon Sep 15 15:29:05 UTC 2014

To Austin:
> 2. I don't think we actually came to a conclusion on whether this is
> doable.
After some more thinking I believe that doing 1) will deal with about 90% of my uses cases for 2). 
However, we could add link to the wiki index in the sidebar - that certainly is doable.

> 3. No, there aren't tooltips I'm afraid. I'm afraid navigating the UI
> is a bit trial and error sometimes, but I'd like to know what problems
> you had.
I had no larger issues, more like wondering what are two icons in the top toolbar next 
to "Phabricator" logo. Or what is the difference between the icon with my avatar and the icon 
with tools (top toolbar on the left). Both icons suggest some sort of profile settings, but it's 
hard to figure out the difference between the two without actually clicking on them. Of course 
these problems will disappear over time.

To Joachim:
> Maybe a quick hack would be to link to
> http://ghcspeed-nomeata.rhcloud.com/changes/?rev=004c5f4fec78414943d788c2a8b42a4500272949
> from appropriate places. But it would only work for revisions that have
> reached master, and even then only after a little while.
My intention is to have performance tests for patches under review. Since the whole idea of having 
Phab is to review and improve code before it makes into master it would make a lot of sense to 
see what performance impact the patches have *before* we merge them.

A side note:
I just noticed that "The GHC Team" link on GHC homepage points to non-existing wiki page 
(Contributors). GHC homepage says that it is maintained by Simon Marlow. Is this still true? 
Becuase I'm not sure where to complain about this :-)


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