Random infrastructure requests, questions and suggestions

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at p.lodz.pl
Wed Sep 10 11:32:26 UTC 2014

Herbert, Austin, all,

I have some questions and suggestions regarding our infrastructure:

1. Would it be possible to add a new custom field to Trac called "Wiki page"? Tickets that are 
about implementing a larger feature have an accompanying wiki page that summarizes the design. It 
would help my workflow if I could just get to that wiki page from the top of a Trac ticket.

2. I often want to get from the ticket view to index of all wiki pages. Sadly, ticket view only 
has links to previous ticket/next ticket in the top right of the page. So to get to the index of 
wiki pages I need to go to any of the wiki pages in the left panel and only then the link to wiki 
index appears in the top right of the page. Would it be possible to have link to wiki index also 
in the ticket view?

3. Is it possible to enable tooltips in Phabricator? I'm not yet all that familiar with the 
interface and having icons that have no text and no tooltip is problematic. I need to actually 
click on it to see what it does (or figure it out from the link target).

4. When browsing the code in diffusion I see that my name is not linked to my phabricator account, 
for example here:


Why is that happening?

5. I was thinking that perhaps harbormaster could also measure performance changes resulting from 
a patch, eg. by running nofib. I'm not sure if that's easy to implement or not and whether we 
have enough computing power to do that but I thought it's worth sharing that idea.


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