GHC Weekly News - 10/24/2014

Jens Petersen juhpetersen at
Thu Oct 30 10:24:59 UTC 2014

Thanks for the Weekly News that is really useful info.

On 25 October 2014 09:00, Austin Seipp <austin at> wrote:

> Note: this post is available (with full hyperlinks) at

>  - This past week, a discussion sort of organically started on the
> `#ghc` IRC channel about the future of the LLVM backend. GHC's backend
> is buggy, has no control over LLVM versions, and breaks frequently
> with new versions. This all significantly impacts users, and relegates
> the backend to a second class citizen. After some discussion, Austin
> wrote up a proposal for a improved backend
> <>, and wrangled
> several other
> people to help. The current plan is to try an execute this by GHC
> 7.12, with the goal of making the LLVM backend Tier 1 for major
> supported platforms.

Is this effort orthogonal to NCG for armv7 and armv8?

I am glad people are thinking about how to address this but
"we ship and fix a version of LLVM for GHC" sounds a bit scary to me. :)

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