GHC on mingw-w64 / gcc 4.8.3 on Windows

Gintautas Miliauskas gintautas at
Mon Oct 27 10:37:01 UTC 2014

> Since I don't follow Phabricator I didn't even suspect you are making all
> this work.

Yes, looks like I undercommunicated, sorry about that. I started off with
the patch to download the tarballs and just went ahead for standartising of
mingw-w64 without quite realising how involved that would be (I expected
only a few compilation errors...).

> I had a patch to migrate to mingw-w64 gcc 4.8.x (and even 4.9.x, which
> requires extra runtime linker support) both for 64-bit and 32-bit for more
> than half of the year already. That patch is not such a thorough as yours
> is (I didn't bother with downloading the tarball and all that stuff), but
> regarding Linker.c I think it is perhaps more systematic than yours.

Yes, your patch looks much better. I've integrated it and running tests on
64-bit and 32-bit as we speak. Will keep you posted.

> Why I didn't exposed it to a broad audience was that I believed there was
> not much interest and also because starting at some moment I didn't bother
> to maintain several patches per issue and combined them in one big patch
> (including some nonportable things) and I didn't want to spend a time to
> break it apart to per-issue parts.

Most of the prerequisite auxiliary fixes should be in now; the
non-backwards compatible ones are part of D339.

> During a couple of days I'll extract my patch to Linker.c and put it to
> Phabricator then, and also I'll comment on Linker.c issues.

Sounds good. By the way, you attached a patch to #9218
<>; should I
consider that an up-to-date version of your proposed change, or should I
wait a few days more?

Btw, I wonder what the problem does "#define _MSVCRT_ 1" solve? I didn't
> need it at all (I never run though).

Without it I think I got a bunch of conflicting export definitions from the
C library, and removing the ones in Linker.c resulted in runtime crashes.
Not quite sure what was going on there. Probably issues due to my patch
being rather ad-hoc.

Gintautas Miliauskas
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