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Very much part of my plan, Johan! I was a fervent "+1" on that recommendation.


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- The export-list of Unique has some comments stating that function X is only exported for module Y, yet is used elsewhere. This may be because these comments do not show up in haddock etc. leading some people to think they're up for general use. In my refactoring, I'm sticking the restriction in the function name, so it's no longer mkUniqueGrimily, but rather mkUniqueOnlyForUniqSupply (making the name even longer should discourage their use more). If at all possible, these should be removed altogether asap.

Since you're touching this code base it would be a terrific time to add some Haddocks! (We recently decided, on the ghc-devs@ list, that all new top-level entities, i.e. functions, data types, and classes, should have Haddocks.)
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