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Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvriedel at> writes:

> On 2014-10-05 at 04:51:41 +0200, Richard Eisenberg wrote:
>> I've just finished reading this:
>> For better or worse, I don't read reddit often enough to hold a
>> conversation there, so I'll ask my question here: Is there a way we
>> can turn GitHub pull requests into Phab code reviews? I'm thinking of
>> something like this:
> My greatest worry about allowing GitHub PRs to the
> repo is that GitHub and Trac use the very same
> `#[0-9]+` syntax tokens for referring to tickets and PRs, and trigger
> actions as soon as they detect any commit using that token. In other
> words, there's a namespace collisions (Luckily, Phabricator seems to
> have been designed to be used in concert with an external Ticket
> tracker, so it uses `[DT][0-9]+` to refer to code-revisions & tickets
> respectively).
> Morever, I'm also worrying this may become confusing to new
> contributors, since we already have the Trav vs Phabricator confusion
> about where to submit patches; if we also add GitHub PRs it'll just add
> another item to be confused about where things ought to be
> submitted. And the more PRs are added on, the more it
> may appear as if that is the encouraged way to submit them (even though
> Phabricator+Trac is our currently targetted workflow)
> What I'd suggest alternatively, since this what some of our contributors
> are already doing instead of uploading patches:
>   Teach Phabricator to allow to submit a URL to a commit (or branch) in a
>   forked repo, and create a code-revision out of that.
This is a nice idea and sounds simple to implement. It certainly
doesn't reduce the contributor-side friction nearly as well as accepting
pull requests but it may be good enough.  It would be quite
straightforward to adapt the code I hacked together last night into such
an interface.


- Ben
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