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Sun Oct 5 05:03:49 UTC 2014

Richard Eisenberg <eir at> writes:

> I've just finished reading this:
> For better or worse, I don't read reddit often enough to hold a
> conversation there, so I'll ask my question here: Is there a way we
> can turn GitHub pull requests into Phab code reviews? I'm thinking of
> something like this:
> ...
I'm still quite unsure of how many people exist who,

 * find a bug they need to fix,
 * are willing to dig into the GHC codebase and fix it,
 * clean up their fix enough to submit upstream, and
 * take the initiative to send the fix upstream

and yet aren't willing to take the five (twenty?) minutes to familiarize
themselves with Phabricator and the arc toolchain.

That being said, I'm all for lowering barriers. I started to write up a
quick hack [1] to implement this sort of process. It's a bit late at the
moment so I'll just put it up here for comment for the time being. It's
a bit messy, the security implications are haven't been considered at
all, and half of it is pseudo-code at best. That being said, it's a
start and if someone picks it up and finishes it before I wake up
tomorrow I won't be offended.


- Ben

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