Can't compile GHC-7.8.3 from git, fails on haskell98 library

Mikolaj Konarski mikolaj at
Mon Nov 17 11:34:20 UTC 2014

I've brought back the old section about for 7.8.*
to the GettingTheSources wiki page, updated it, to the best
of my knowledge, and added the info from the email below.
Please correct the section if I mixed up anything. I think,
for as long as 7.8.* is in widespread use, the section has to stay,
even though it's irrelevant for 7.10.

On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Herbert Valerio Riedel
<hvriedel at> wrote:
> Hello Gergo,
> On 2014-11-02 at 14:29:06 +0100, Dr. ERDI Gergo wrote:
>> On Sun, 2 Nov 2014, Dr. ERDI Gergo wrote:
>>> On a completely clean clone, I've checked out the tag
>>> ghc-7.8.3-release, ran sync-all get, boot, and configure, but the
>>> build fails on haskell98. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
>> I've worked around this by manually checking out the 'ghc-7.8' branch
>> of various submodules until I got it to work (I think the ones I
>> needed to change were dph, haskell98, haskell2010, template-haskell,
>> and haddock, but I'm not sure). It seems the `ghc-7.8.3-release` tag
>> is in a horrible shape in terms of reproducable building of imported
>> repos. Is anyone looking into fixing this?
> Starting with GHC 7.8.x, fingerprints are written into
> annotated & gpg-signed release tags:
> That way you're able to restore via the fingerprint for a given release
> via:
>  ./utils/fingerprint/ restore -f <(git show ghc-7.8.3-release | grep -F '|')
> I'm just surprised I couldn't find that described anywhere in the wiki,
> I was sure it was written down somewhere...
> hth,
>   hvr
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