Commit messages for WIP branches (Was: Question about `validate` workflow)

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Mon Nov 10 08:33:10 UTC 2014


Am Sonntag, den 09.11.2014, 21:53 -0500 schrieb Richard Eisenberg:
> > Am Samstag, den 08.11.2014, 22:33 -0500 schrieb Richard Eisenberg:
> >> I've stopped validating locally, allowing Travis to do it for me. If
> >> you use a `wip/...` branch and push to the main GHC repo, you can find
> >> build reports at Or, I'm sure if you clue
> >> Travis in, this can also work if you push to your own GitHub fork of
> >> GHC.
> > 
> > of course this spams ghc-commits quite a lot. 
> Which brings me to ask: why send email to ghc-commits for `wip/*`
> branch commits? I've personally gone back and forth between using the
> main GHC repo for my WIP because of precisely this issue. If there
> were no emails generated, I would surely always use the GHC repo --
> it's easier for others to find my work, and tracking a branch in my
> head is easier than a separate remote and a branch. As it is, I'm
> always slightly embarrassed when I push to my `wip/rae` branch,
> causing other people to get emails about my internal GHC meanderings.
> But, I'm using GHC's repo now for better integration with Phab, for
> when Harbormaster pulls base commits.
> So, I propose: Do not send commit emails for commits to `wip/*`
> branches.
> What do we think?

of course it is nice to know what others are working on, and someone
interested in your particular thing might have a look.

But especially due to rebasing the current commit message setup does not
work for wip branches.

We could experimenting with just sending those „branch wip/foo's head
updated“ mails, i.e. only one mail per push, listing the git commit
titles. That would greatly reduce the traffic, while still giving some
indication of action.


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