7.8.1 plan

Mateusz Kowalczyk fuuzetsu at fuuzetsu.co.uk
Tue Mar 25 17:11:30 UTC 2014

On 25/03/14 17:09, kyra wrote:
> On 3/25/2014 20:52, Mateusz Kowalczyk wrote:
>> The only instances of Haddock becoming really slow that I can think of
>> is some rather old ticket (#101 on Haddock Trac) in presence of Template
>> Haskell but I have closed it a while ago due to lack of information to
>> go on and inability to replicate without the reporter's help. Perhaps
>> this was your use case?
> Aha, this is why I could not reproduce it! I checked it on packages 
> which used no TH, and that slow behaviour occurred when TH was involved!
> I think it is TH which really triggers producing and splitting of an 
> assembly output and in this case no-splitting gives *huge* benefit. 
> Sadly, I have no time to check this right now.
> Regards,
> Kyra
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There's no rush as it's not going to get into 7.8.1 anyway but I would
love to see some numbers before 7.8.2 so please keep us in mind.


Mateusz K.

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