7.8.1 plan

kyra kyrab at mail.ru
Tue Mar 25 16:18:17 UTC 2014

On 3/25/2014 19:11, Mateusz Kowalczyk wrote:
> That commit is not in 2.14.1. Do you have any benchmarks to show the 
> speedup? If the commit does some significant speedup, I'm not against 
> backporting it into Haddock released with 7.8.2 (and there is at least 
> 1 other fix I want to get into 7.8.2) but we pretty much closed the 
> 2.14.1, it's up on Hackage and everything and that's what's planned to 
> ship with 7.8.1. 

Hmm, now, when I'm trying to reproduce things I don't see haddock 
producing any assembly output let alone split it when using 7.8rc2 haddock.

It seemed to me some time ago haddock became slow when processing a 
package built with --enable-split-objs and I've decided to look into 
things and discovered haddock wants .hi interface files and produces 
assembly output to produce these interface files.

I was extremely surprised, rechecked things several times and saw the 
same picture.

Now I can't reproduce this at all.

If haddock never produced .hi interface files and/or assembly output 
then that was some mental aberration and the whole story can be dropped.


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