GHC MinGW distribution

Robin KAY komadori at
Wed Jun 18 23:27:08 UTC 2014

Dear Simon et al.,

On 10/06/14 09:25, Simon Peyton Jones wrote:
> I'm sure that others will be happy to help.  Do keep ghc-devs posted.  You could make a ticket and post information to it as you learn about it.  Or even a wiki page to describe the process, so that in four years time when someone wants to do the same thing, they have a guide.  Speaking of which, do search the Trac Wiki in case someone *has* already docuemented some aspects of this.
Thanks for your encouragement. I hope to have some time to start working 
on this shortly and have created ticket #9218 [1] to track my progress.



Robin KAY

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