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Hi Michael,

Am Samstag, den 07.06.2014, 21:06 +0300 schrieb Michael Snoyman:

> If there was a daily snapshot build, I would be happy to set up some
> kind of regular process to download that snapshot and do a Stackage
> run on it. I'm currently blocked on this kind of activity, since I
> can't get a successful GHC 7.8 build due to my system using the Gold
> linker.

That would be great, both for GHC and for people who want to have their
packages work on GHC HEAD without manually monitoring it.

There is which should produce daily debian
packages for Debian wheezy. I guess if you are building on that
platform, such packages are easiest to use (as you need no particular
tooling to update and install).
is currently lagging due to temporary full disk, but I hope that by
tomorrow, we have a new build.

There used to be daily snapshot builds at
but that is defuct (Can someone remove the link from I wonder if the “new” builder
infrastructure at assembles the
snapshots somewhere, then you can use them.

Or you can build GHC yourself as part of the stackage run.


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