Status updates

Austin Seipp austin at
Thu Jun 5 13:26:37 UTC 2014

Hello all,

A cumulative status update will now appear, to summarize a few things
that have happened in the past little while since I've been somewhat
absent and short on time.

 - 7.8.3 is looming, because we have a lot of bugfixes as I said last

 That's nearly 30 tickets axed in the past few weeks since 7.8.2, so
not bad! As I said before, I'm eager to release sooner rather than
later as my time is short. Do keep weighing in if you have anything to
say or want something fixed. Now is really the time!

 - AMP/ORF - these are still on branches, but me and Simon have gotten
hung up on a few things delaying it. They'll go in soon, promise! (For
certain definitions of 'soon', cooperating with time schedules). AMP
in particular can probably land very, very soon.

  Otherwise we're past a lot of other churn, like removing external
core and whatnot.

 - I merged a bunch of patches this morning to the 7.8 branch,
bringing it close to what I expect we will ship 7.8.3 with. Again,
pester me soon if you want something!

 - There's now a proper CI link for GHC on Trac so people don't lose
it. The new builders are checking in regularly, so please watch out
for them - and subscribe to ghc-builds at if you haven't

 - Some other churn in the tree has not yet passed; I still need to
improve and land my performance patches for copies, for example.

 - XCode 5.1 has introduced some other breaking changes I'll need to
fix (things *work*, but the testsuite is useless due to the warning
spewage), along with merging the remaining patches.

 - Also, if you have spare hardware, please email Gabor Pali (or just
email the list itself, or reply to this thread) if you're willing to
donate, that would be awesome. Another Mac OS X target would be
especially welcome, I think (my development machine is on loan right
now), and I will have better dedicated Windows targets soon.

I'll send another email about 7.8.3 shortly.


Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
Well-Typed LLP,

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