Update Cabal submodule to HEAD (1.21)

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Sun Jul 20 14:58:33 UTC 2014


Am Samstag, den 19.07.2014, 16:48 +0200 schrieb Joachim Breitner:
> Am Samstag, den 19.07.2014, 01:14 +0100 schrieb Edward Z.Yang:
> > The reason for this is that the builders do not have a sufficiently
> > recent version of process, which Cabal has upgraded to depend on.
> > Probably 'cabal update && cabal install process' should bring it up to
> > date and make it working.  Unfortunately, the build system bypasses
> > Cabal for the bootstrap build of Cabal, so the version dependency range
> > is not checked. 
> didn’t seem to help just like that.
> https://api.travis-ci.org/jobs/30346178/log.txt?deansi=true
> Probably because of "-no-user-package-db". Trying with "cabal install
> --global" now.

I did this on the builder machines, but now I noticed that I’d also like
to build this on my own machine, and using cabal to do system wide
installations is not really the recomended way. And people wanting to
hack on GHC that do not have root access have to jump through even more
hoops (such as making a user installation of GHC).

It would also break building Distribution packages (and already does so
on) http://deb.haskell.org/dailies/

Is there an easy way out here? 

> > I suppose if you /really/ wanted to we could add a
> > macro to disable ctl-c support and pass it on the zeroboot.
I tried that (there is already a macro BOOTSTRAPPING), and then it does
build inplace/bin/ghc-cabal.

But the next thing it tries to do is to build Cabal, which then fails,
expecting the newer process.

So process needs to be added to PACKAGES_STAGE0. But this adds
"--constriant process ==" to the options when building hsc2hs,
which then fails – but only with make -j2. In a sequential build,
process happens to be built before hsc2hs....

So I guess I need to tell make somehow to first configure and register
process and then configure and register hsc2hs. But I’m lost in GHC’s
makefiles... Can anyone point me into the right direction?


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