Travis now tests ghc directly

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Am Dienstag, den 15.07.2014, 08:38 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones:
> This is all fantastic, thank you Joachim.  But how would a new GHC dev
> find out this information?  Could it please be documented on the wiki?

Yes, I plan to do it once it settles, there are still a view things to
observe and to decide. (E.g. we’d like to make travis send mails about
breakage to the commiter directly, but for that it needs to be more

With other projects in the pipeline, I want to add a new wiki page,
linked from the sidebar
that gives an overview of all tools that a developer should at least
know that they exist. It will mostly link to the corresponding wiki
page, and possibly list a responsible person.

This will include:
 * git repository
 * trac itself (wiki + issue tracker)
 * mailing lists (note the s! – I didn’t know about ghc-builds for a 
   long time)
 * Phab
 * Builders
 * Travis
 * The yet to announce performance dashboard

It could also host links to external tools such as

Anyways, please keep bleating about such things!


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