Phab vs. Trac

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Mon Jul 14 21:37:48 UTC 2014

| Look at the top - there is a link to 'Phab:D69', which is the
| differential revision hyperlinked properly.
| If you use this syntax in Trac now, it will automatically hyperlink
| revisions. Perhaps in the future we can shorten it to just 'D69' for
| example. But this syntax works now to hyperlink directly to
| Phabricator.

Is this now part of GHC Trac wiki markup syntax generally?  Ie can occur in any wiki text?  If so, could it be documented?  Do we have a place where we collect all GHC-trac-specific Wiki markup? If not, could we have one.

Otherwise how would a new person ever find out?


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