Triggering a Harbourmaster build on a given commit

Austin Seipp austin at
Mon Dec 22 15:04:51 UTC 2014

Unfortunately it's a bit hidden in the UI. I'll try to explain:

 1) Go to

 2) On the left side, click on 'Manage Build Plans'

 3) Click on 'Plan 2 - GHC Continuous Integration', which builds commits

 4) On the right-hand side, click 'Run Plan Manually'

 5) In the box, enter the 'object name'. NOTE: the object name is
DIFFERENT than the raw commit SHA1. In Phabricator, a 'commit object'
is identified fully by the repository callsign plus the SHA1. In your
case, you want to test commit 20acaa7785. Therefore, the full object
name would be 'rGHC20acaa785', just like it appears in the URL you

This should do the job. Hope that helps!

On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 6:47 AM, Dr. ERDI Gergo <gergo at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Given a concrete commit on a non-master branch (e.g.
> how do I manually trigger a Harbourmaster build + validation?
> Thanks,
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