Perl for Windows and GHC

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Sun Dec 21 08:54:05 UTC 2014


apologies again about disappearing completely. I started a new job recently
and have been flying all over the place.

I'm happy to see that D339 (auto-download mingw, upgrade version of gcc)
has been merged, but there is an issue that needs followup. Austin
mentioned that we need a Perl distribution for a proper GHC runtime. This
is not a problem while running in msys2, since msys provides a perl binary,
but this makes packaging a self-sufficient GHC distribution harder, AFAIU.
Can we punt on this and let the Haskell Platform folks figure out how to
package Perl properly (that's the only context where it's necessary,
right?), or is this an urgent issue? If the latter, should we roll back
D339 until it's resolved?

If we really need to package perl, the PortableZIP edition of Strawberry
Perl <> should work, I think. It's
on the heavy side (92MB) and would probably need to be trimmed beforehand

Are there any utilities other than ghc-split which rely on perl at ghc
runtime? If not, are there any plans to convert ghc-split to a sane
language? I would sign up if I knew I would have the time... :(

Gintautas Miliauskas
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