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Sean Seefried sean.seefried at
Tue Dec 9 00:45:00 UTC 2014

I came to a similar conclusion. I recently put together a Dockerfile that
builds GHC 7.8.3 as an ARM cross compiler

I've also written a draft blog post about it. It might contain some
inaccuracies but any feedback is welcome. (Please send to my email address.)


On 9 December 2014 at 11:35, Greg Weber <greg at> wrote:

> Friends,
> As someone who started hacking on GHC last month I wanted to tell you that
> there is to high an overhead to getting started and overall to contributing
> to GHC.
> One thing that can help is to make getting to the point of compiling GHC a
> much faster experience rather than starting off by dreading the process of
> installing dependencies. I created a docker image that has everything
> needed pre-installed. I do know that there are existing docker images for
> running the GHC compiler, but I am not aware of any designed for hacking on
> it.
> Please give it a try and let me know if it works for you. The beauty is
> that once you have GHC checked out, if you have docker installed you are a
> single command away from having a working GHC environment:
>     docker run --rm -i -t -v `pwd`:/home/ghc gregweber/ghc-haskell-dev
> /bin/bash
> Once getting some feedback, I would like to document this on the wiki and
> recommend it for Linux users (definitely for anyone that is familiar with
> docker).
> Thank you,
> Greg Weber
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