Can Phabricator be made to understand git better?

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Sun Aug 10 10:17:56 UTC 2014


I have to fight Phab too much because it doesn't understand git or git
working conventions very well. For example, the other day I uploaded, built from a single git commit on a
feature branch I made on a local feature branch (based on my local master).

First, doing that was in itself a bit of a pain. 'arc diff' didn't do the
right thing and included some random commit(s) instead of my single commit
in my feature branch. Perhaps it tried to diff against origin/master or
something, which doesn't make any sense if you know how git is meant to be
used (doing that would imply that you have to constantly sync with upstream
to create a patch.) I eventually got it to used the right commit by doing
'arc diff <commit id>`.

Second, today when I wanted to update my commit to address some review
comments I 1) amended my commit in my feature branch and 2) ran 'arc diff',
expecting that it would do the right thing. It didn't and now D128 contains
a bunch of changes that aren't mine. I don't know where they came from.

Is there a way to configure Phab so it works with git established workflows?

-- Johan
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