arc diff linter looping / stuck

Richard Eisenberg eir at
Thu Aug 7 18:34:19 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've prepared a bunch of commits to fix several tickets. After pushing these commits to branch wip/rae (to save my place and to get validate running on Travis), I then `git checkout`ed back to a point where `git diff origin/master` gave me a patch for precisely one bug (instead of the several unrelated ones I had fixed). I wanted to post to Differential. `arc diff` allowed me to fill out a description message (which mentioned, in its comments, the right set of commits), but then hung on the "linting..." stage. I suppose I could skip the linter, but it's more likely I've done something wrong here...

Any advice?

In the meantime, please consider this to be a request for feedback on everything in wip/rae! The bugs fixed are #9200, #9415, #9404, and #9371.


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