Perf regression: ghc --make: add nicer names to RTS threads (threaded IO manager, make workers) (f686682)

Joachim Breitner mail at
Wed Aug 6 20:44:54 UTC 2014


Am Mittwoch, den 06.08.2014, 23:40 +0300 schrieb Sergei Trofimovich:
> I think I know what happens. According to perf the benchmark spends 34%+
> of time in garbage collection ('perf record -- $args'/'perf report'):
>   27,91%  test  test               [.] evacuate                                                                                
>    9,29%  test  test               [.] s9Lz_info                                                                               
>    7,46%  test  test               [.] scavenge_block
> And the whole benchmark runs a tiny bit more than 300ms.
> It is exactly in line with major GC timer (0.3s).
> If we run
>     $ time ./test inverter 345 10n 4u 1>/dev/null
> multiple times there is heavy instability in there (with my patch reverted):
>     real    0m0.319s
>     real    0m0.305s
>     real    0m0.307s
>     real    0m0.373s
>     real    0m0.381s
> which is +/- 80ms drift!
> Let's try to kick major GC earlier instead of running right at runtime
> shutdown time:
>     $ time ./test inverter 345 10n 4u +RTS -I0.1 1>/dev/null
>     real    0m0.304s
>     real    0m0.308s
>     real    0m0.302s
>     real    0m0.304s
>     real    0m0.308s
>     real    0m0.306s
>     real    0m0.305s
>     real    0m0.312s
> which is way more stable behaviour.
> Thus my theory is that my changed stepped from
>   "90% of time 1 GC run per run"
> to
>   "90% of time 2 GC runs per run"

great analysis, thanks.

I think in this case we should not worry about it. From a QA perspective
we are already doing well if we consider the apparent regressions. If we
can explain them and consider it acceptable, then it’s fine.


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