[Urgent] Please fill out the 2014 HCAR entry for GHC!

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Apr 28 11:27:29 UTC 2014

Austin omitted the all-important URL:

It's on the wiki so you can fill in yourselves.


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| Hello all,
| I hate to pester so late, but this completely slipped my mind *twice*
| so I'm afraid I have to!
| The HCAR entry deadling is rapidly approaching (~May 1st), and before
| I send off what we have to Mihai, I'd like everyone to pitch in as
| much as possible.
| I've already gone ahead and filled out the skeleton. Now I need y'all
| to fill in details. To that end, I've directly CC'd interested
| parties, and replicating the message here - if your name is below,
| please take a quick look over, it shouldn't take you long.
|   * Richard - I copied over the note about the old Explicit Type
| Application work - do you have any update on what its current status
| is? I also was under the impression the new kind equalities work *may*
| go into 7.10, but I haven't heard anything yet. Do please confirm and
| edit as you see fit.
|  * Iavor - I know you, Eric, and Trevor had worked on Kinds without
| Data before. Do you know of its current status? I copied the current
| notes into the page -
|   I also believe you have some recent work involving using an SMT
| solver in the type-checker, which is quite interesting! If you feel
| like it, please do mention it, I'm sure people would like to hear.
|  * Thomas - everyone is excited about PartialTypeSignatures I think.
| Please edit the page and write what you'd like - there's a tiny stub
| there already.
|  * Edward, Simon, Johan - I'm not sure what you're working on, but I
| imagine you may have some runtime system or optimization changes up
| your sleeve. Do feel free to add in things you feel you should
| mention.
|  * SimonM - I've added a small note for ApplicativeDo. Please feel
| free to expand or tweak it as you see fit.
|  * Herbert - Do please make the new repository changes clear, and be
| sure to mention anything else you might be working on (perhaps more
| integer-gmp improvements?)
| Please spread the word (by mouth somehow or IRC) - I'll be monitoring
| the page closely for the next few days and send it to Mihail once it's
| been expanded upon.
| --
| Regards,
| Austin Seipp, Haskell Consultant
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