Relocating (some of) GHC's core-libraries to

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Sun Apr 27 09:14:41 UTC 2014

Hi GHC devs,

In accordance with Edward and Austin, I want to move the primary home of
the non-GHC specific core-library packages to the organization.

Specifically, I plan to move the following package Git repositories to
the organization:

 - array
 - directory
 - filepath
 - old-locale  
 - old-time    
 - process
 - stm
 - unix    (N.B.: the 'Win32' package already lives at 

I'm not sure yet about the following packages, those are not officially
maintained by the committee (@Simon, maybe you can state your preference
where you want your packages to be hosted/issue-tracked in the future?)

 - parallel
 - deepseq
 - hpc
 - hoopl
 - haskell2010
 - haskell98

The practical effects to GHC developers of this switch would be that:

 - Issue tracking for those packages moves over to GitHub.
   (the official maintaing entity is the core-library committee)
 - In ghc.git those packages will be *turned into Git submodules*
   (i.e. they will be handled just like the other existing 3rd party
   upstream packages such as 'Win32' or 'Cabal' are already handled[1],
   see also next item)

 - Using pull-requests on GitHub is highly recommended for submitting
   changes which are not urgent (instead of diverging the respective lagged mirror repo) -- note also that pull-requests
   will be validated by Travis-CI for multiple GHC versions to help
   detect compat-breaking changes.

   However, GHC developers can easily be given push-rights to the
   respective repos in the organization should this
   turn out to be a more appropriate workflow.


PS: 'haddock.git' is planned to move its issue tracking over to GitHub
    as well, however it's going to be handled slightly different (mostly
    because haddock is tightly coupled to the GHC API) and will be
    explained in more detail in a future separate email.


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