Folding in base, integer-{gmp, single}, ghc-prim, and haskell-template into ghc.git

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at
Sun Apr 13 07:58:50 UTC 2014

Hello *,

Now that GHC 7.8.[12] is out of the door, the Git reorganization can be
tackled further...

After a short conversion with Austin and Edward it appears that the
sensible course of action with respect towards moving to a proper Git
submodule set-up is to fold-in the 5 Git repos listed below (which btw
are all GHC wired-in packages) directly into ghc.git (the same way
testsuite.git was a few months ago):

 - base
 - ghc-prim
 - integer-gmp
 - integer-simple
 - template-haskell

IMO, the benefit/cost ratio of simplifying the workflow outweighs the
benefit/cost ratio of turning those into proper Git submodules.

This incremental step towards a fully git-bisect-able ghc.git does
already allow bisecting to work on a larger time-range than it does now,
as those wired-in packages are the most likely to break compilation if
out-of-sync with ghc.git.

If no objections are raised, I'm planning to implement this change next
weekend (April 19th/20th).

Any comments/questions/...?


PS: After this step, the next remaining step would be to turn the
    remaining not-yet-submodule Git repos into proper submodule Repos
    (like haddock.git) and figure out how to get the sync-all
    convenience-tooling a bit more submodule friendly...

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