Offering GHC builder build slaves

Alain O'Dea alain.odea at
Tue Apr 8 13:16:00 UTC 2014


> On Apr 8, 2014, at 12:17, Páli Gábor János <pali.gabor at> wrote:
> 2014-04-08 13:59 GMT+02:00 Alain O'Dea <alain.odea at>:
>> I have four (one in slings due to a busted PSU) reasonably powerful (if old) Dell
>> Precision T3500s that can provide a variety of x86 and x86_64 OS builds on
>> Xeon.  They currently run SmartOS, but they can run other x86 and x86_64
>> guests.
> I think the best would be if we could cover all the possible and
> probable combination of architectures and platforms and avoid the
> redundancies.
> So far, we have the following: Solaris x86,

I think SmartOS can reasonably stand in for Illumos and Solaris x86_64 and can run Ubuntu x86_64 as a KVM guest.

> Linux/arm and Linux/ppc64
> (by Karel), FreeBSD/i386 and FreeBSD/amd64 (by myself), and Mateusz
> has written me about setting up a Linux x86 builder on Gentoo.  We
> could certainly use Linux x86_64 builders, so as 32-bit and 64-bit Mac
> OS X and Windows ones.  Regarding Linux, there might be builders for
> each of the distributions, however, I am not sure if need to store
> downloadable snapshots for all of them.
>> I'll send my first build slave username and password off list to you later today.
> You do not have to, I can generate both for you, once the OS and the
> architecture is known.

Cool, that's easier.  I usually use AlainODea or alainodea as my base username, but that's immaterial.

The two build slaves I intend to run are:
- x86_64 Solaris (on SmartOS)
- x86_64 Linux (on Ubuntu as a SmartOS KVM guest)

>> Once I have that working I'll document the current process for volunteering and
>> setting up build slaves.
> I think this has been already covered on the GHC Developers' wiki, there:

Good point.

It needs some minor tweaks since the volunteers need to request a username and password by providing their OS and architecture to the list rather than sending their username and password to the list.

> Note that this page is also linked from the front page of the wiki.

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