Offering GHC builder build slaves

Páli Gábor János pali.gabor at
Tue Apr 8 12:30:53 UTC 2014

2014-04-08 14:16 GMT+02:00 Austin Seipp <austin at>:
> Pali, since you seem to leading this - what are your thoughts? I'm
> more than willing to give you some hardware and put it under
> domain, and just get out of your way if you'd like. :)

I have summarized some of my thoughts in my previous mail to Alain:

> I think the best would be if we could cover all the possible and
> probable combination of architectures and platforms and avoid the
> redundancies.

Earlier, there was the concept of "sponsor" for the given platform, I
guess it would still make sense to re-introduce it.  The sponsor is
somebody who is willing to pay attention to the given platform, run a
builder client for it, therefore maintaining it.  For Tier-1
platforms, such support was a requirement back then.

So, we would need to set up at least the following builders: {Linux,
Windows, Mac OS X} {x86, x86_64}, and then I could migrate all the
others I have on my machine to there as well.

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