Offering GHC builder build slaves

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Tue Apr 8 08:36:13 UTC 2014

| we also need a culture of just doing stuff, and less asking for it.

I agree with that -- hence "power to the people".  You absolutely don't need the approval of a committee or of GHC HQ to just get on with something.

But it also makes sense to work together, to achieve more as a group than a single individual can.


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| Hi,
| Am Dienstag, den 08.04.2014, 08:03 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones:
| > So we have willing horsepower.  But the moment we lack leadership.
| > Alain rightly says "I don't know what the process is" because we don't
| > *have* a process.  We need a mechanism for creating a process, taking
| > decisions, etc.
| we also need a culture of just doing stuff, and less asking for it.
| In Debian it works likes this: Someone has an idea (continuous
| integration), does it and tells the mailing list about it. Then people
| tell you that it’s great, or how it could be greater. If it works out,
| eventually it comes an official service, whatever that means.
| So in this case (independent of any committee or process): Páli, you
| have starting running some builder infrastructure. Great! Just keep
| doing it!
| And if you want people to join their builders, tell them what
| information you need from them and add them. Feel free to modify the
| wiki so that people find you. Make up some rules (about usernames etc.)
| as you go, if necessary. In essence what you said in
| > However, my efforts has not been "blessed" and I am not sure if there
| > are at least plans to make the builders part of the official
| > infrastructure.  Either way it goes, I can update the
| > corresponding wiki page with my contact information and start
| > accommodation further clients until the fate of the service is
| > decided, if there will not be any objections in the next few days.
| but without waiting for objections. Just do it. And tell us about your
| achievements.
| Also worry less about official or not. The Travis setup is not official,
| but (IMHO) has been useful quite a few times. I’d _like_ it to be
| official, i.e. hosted on, but that is not important.
| If your service becomes “critical” in some sense it is still time to
| move it some official infrastructure... but that can come second, and
| should not hinder anyone from contributing.
| Greetings, and thanks for your contributions, Joachim
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