Fwd: Trying to compile GHC under Ubuntu as a cross-compiler for ARM

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Thu Apr 3 14:13:57 UTC 2014

On 04/ 3/14 04:05 PM, eng. Vassil Ognyanov Keremidchiev wrote:
> Yes, but I don't know what is missing in my workflow.
> I did not know if I need LLVM runtime on my target ARM machine.

No, you don't need LLVM runtime. You just need LLVM llc/opt if you'd 
like to cross-compile and build registerised ARM binaries.

>  Do I
> need? I read that there is unregisterised version for ARM that doesn't
> need LLVM. So I just could build Haskell cross-compiler that could work
> on my Ubuntu and create binaries for my ARM v7 machine.

If you'd like to use unregisterised /via-C binaries, then you don't need 
LLVM at all, you just need to configure with --enable-unregisterised 
IIRC, but I've not tested that so you are on your own.

Also it comes with its own performance penalty of course:


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