Pattern synonyms: help needed: capturing EvBinds in tcPat

Dr. ERDI Gergo gergo at
Tue Sep 10 12:16:37 UTC 2013

Hi Richard,

Thanks for looking into this!

On Mon, 9 Sep 2013, Richard Eisenberg wrote:

> I took a look here and would like to help, but I'm confused: What makes 
> you think the dictionary for (Eq [b]) would be in scope? I can see where 
> the (Eq b) comes from (the theta that pops out of patSynSig), but where 
> does (Eq [b]) come from?

>> pattern P b b' = (MkT b b', ())
>> f (P x y) = [x] == [y]

I thought when I call 'thing_inside' in tcPatSynPat, it would (eventually) 
get to typechecking the right-hand side, which has a dependency on (Eq 
[b]). I thought this dependency is captured somewhere around here so that 
it(s solution) can be added to the pat_binds field of the ConPatOut. 
Otherwise, I don't see where it should be created -- and as you can see 
from the warning emitted by GHC, it is assumed later on to be there:

WARNING: file compiler/coreSyn/CoreSubst.lhs, line 272
     CoreSubst.lookupIdSubst simpleOptExpr $dEq_an7{v} [lid]
     InScope [(00, wild_00{v} [lid]), (X6, wild_X6{v} [lid]),
              (Xb, wild_Xb{v} [lid]), (amr, x{v amr} [lid]),
              (ams, y{v ams} [lid]), (amR, b{tv amR} [tv]),
              (an5, $dEq_an5{v} [lid]), (an8, cobox_an8{v} [lid]),
              (dnk, ds_dnk{v} [lid]), (dnl, ds_dnl{v} [lid]),
              (dnm, ds_dnm{v} [lid]), (dnr, cobox{v dnr} [lid]),
              (rgK, main:ConstrEx.f{v rgK} [lidx])]

here, $dEq_an5 is (Eq b), and $dEq_an7 is (Eq [b]).

So it seems the emitted core expects this (Eq [b]) to be there (bound to 
the parametrised instance (Eq[] (Eq b))).


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