questions about validating in the presence of known failures

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at
Thu May 2 17:23:26 CEST 2013

[You can generalize this email from OS X to other architectures/operating

Question 1: Is a list of "unexpecteds expected on OS X" maintained
somewhere? The comments on #5757 seemed like a start, but they're 1.5 years

The Trac "Custom Query" for OS X isn't helpful for my actual question of
"can I ignore these wrt to validating my patch?".

A wiki page collating tickets for any "known unexpecteds" for OS X (and
other OSs) would be helpful.

Question 2: Can we add another bit to unexpected results marking them as

That would yield an immediacy for the validation workflow in the cases
where we have long-standing known bugs, eg on various platforms. I think
#5757 is on the right path, but marking a test that should pass as an
expected failure seems disappointing. Is there a traditional workflow for
handling this?

Question 3: What's the status on the build bot farm?

Thanks for your time, everyone.
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