An idea for improving workflow

Daniel Trstenjak daniel.trstenjak at
Mon Mar 25 16:36:51 CET 2013

Hi Jan,

On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 03:36:38PM +0100, Jan Stolarek wrote:
> I've been reading the ghc-devs list for quite some time now and I noticed that it often happens 
> that one of the developers pushes the changes to the ghc.git repo but forgets to push the 
> corresponding changes to the testsuite, which results in people trying to figure out why their 
> validation fails.

I quite like having the shell prompt indicating if there're uncommited changes.

A "clean" repo just displays the branch name:
dan at machine ~/.../somePath [BranchName]>

With uncommited changes:
dan at machine ~/.../somePath [BranchName *]>

Something stashed:
dan at machine ~/.../somePath [BranchName $]>

Untracked files:
dan at machine ~/.../somePath [BranchName %]>

The prompt relevant settings for the bash shell (.bashrc) are:

# which kind of state should be displayed

# the prompt
export PS1='\u@\h \w$(__git_ps1 " [%s]")> '

The git relevant part of the prompt is: $(__git_ps1 " [%s]")


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