An idea for improving workflow

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Mon Mar 25 15:36:38 CET 2013

I've been reading the ghc-devs list for quite some time now and I noticed that it often happens 
that one of the developers pushes the changes to the ghc.git repo but forgets to push the 
corresponding changes to the testsuite, which results in people trying to figure out why their 
validation fails. I was thinking if this problem could be eliminated. Perhaps it would make sense 
to add a server-side hook to the ghc.git repo that would display a message reminding to push the 
changes to the testsuite? That's definitely not an ultimate solution to the problem, but I think 
it could reduce the number of such situations. I played a bit with server-side hooks in git to 
see how that looks. The message is interspersed with other output from git, but I think we can 
make it visible enough. The message can even be displayed in color, though I am not sure how 
portable is this accross different terminals.


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