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Sergei Trofimovich slyich at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 07:36:49 CET 2013

Hi guys!

Today I've tried to write a minimal [1] test case for ghc on ia64
(it SIGSEGVs there).

The test case consists of a .cmm and some .hs modues.

I tried to build them in one run as:
    $ ghc --make Test.hs TestPrim.hs test-prims.cmm -o t
    ghc: cannot compile this file to desired target: test-prims.cmm
    Usage: For basic information, try the `--help' option.

Thus had to use
    ${GHC} -c     test-prims.cmm
    ${GHC} --make test-prims.o Test.hs TestPrim.hs

What do you think of allowing to use .c, .cmm and similar
files along with .hs files to make one-shot builds a bit easier?

If noone is opposed I'll fill a request on bugtracker.


[1]: https://github.com/trofi/cmm-example


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