TH in Cross-GHC

Gabor Greif ggreif at
Fri Mar 1 23:25:32 CET 2013

Hi Stephen,

on the wiki page you mention that you work on TH for cross-GHC. What
is the status / attack plan on that?

Here is something I was thinking all the time: What about enabling TH
in the STAGE1 GHC (i.e. the final cross-GHC) iff the bootstrap
compiler has exactly the same version as the one to be built? I
understood that TH cannot be part of STAGE1 because of version
mismatch issues in TH-internal data structures. Since TH is bytecode
based, the target architecture should not be a concern.

This could be a stopgap measure until we figure out the details how to
switch over the build system so that STAGE2 is the cross-compiler
(with TH), and optionally STAGE3 a native target compiler.

Is there a reason why such a trick would not work in short term? I'd
like to know.



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