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Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Thu Jun 6 22:13:09 CEST 2013

+1.  I don't have any comments on the technical issues I'm afraid, but 
the more ways we can extend GHC without having to change it directly, 
the better.


On 05/06/13 12:51, Edsko de Vries wrote:
> Sorry for the earlier mishap, here's the full email.
> Hi all,
> The plugin mechanism gives access to the program in Core; this suffices
> for many but not quite all purposes. Tools that need access to the
> original AST can call typecheckModule directly, but of course this
> requires using the GHC API directly. Moreover, even when using the GHC
> API directly anyway (as in my case), it means that tools cannot take
> advantage of ghc's infrastructure for dependency tracking, recompiling
> only changed modules, etc.
> Hence it would be useful to have "source plugins", which can be used
> both externally and when using ghc API (in the latter case I guess
> "hooks" would be the more appropriate terminology). Currently "core
> plugins" are recorded as part of DynFlags as
>      pluginModNames        :: [ModuleName],
>      pluginModNameOpts     :: [(ModuleName,String)],
> This makes sense when thinking of plugins only as an external mechanism,
> but is less convenient when using them as internal hooks, too. In my
> draft patch I introduce a new type "HscPlugin" (described shortly) and added
>      sourcePlugins         :: [HscPlugin],
> to DynFlags. HscPlugin is a record of a pair of functions; having the
> actual record here rather than  a module name means that these functions
> can have a non-empty closure, which is obviously convenient when using
> this as a hook rather than an external plugin.
> In my current version HscPlugin looks like
>      data HscPlugin = HscPlugin {
>          runHscPlugin :: forall m. MonadIO m
>                       => DynFlags
>                       -> TcGblEnv
>                       -> m TcGblEnv
>        , runHscQQ     :: forall m. MonadIO m
>                       => Env TcGblEnv TcLclEnv
>                       -> HsQuasiQuote Name
>                       -> m (HsQuasiQuote Name)
>        }
> runHscPlugin is the main function; it gets passed the TcGblEnv (which
> contains the type checked AST as its tcd_binds field) and gets a change
> to return it modified (we don't currently take advantage of that; I did
> that only to be in line with "core plugins").
> Unfortunately, the typechecked AST is only a subset of the renamed AST
> (see
> The TcGblEnv contains a  tcg_rn_decls field, which is a reference to the
> full renamed (as opposed to typechecked) AST, but by default this is not
> initialized: the typechecker only optionally retains the renamed AST,
> and this is hardcoded to by False. In my current patch I have changed
> this so that it's hard coded to be True; ideally this should become an
> option in DynFlags (more ideal still would be if the type checked AST
> would not lose any information).
> Unfortunately, even the renamer loses information: quasi-quotes get
> expanded during renaming and all evidence of that there was ever a
> quasi-quote there has disappeared when the renamer returns. For this
> reason, the HscPlugin type that I'm using at the moment also has a hook
> for quasi-quotes.
> So what I have currently done is:
>  1. Introduced the above HscPlugin type and added a corresponding field
>     to DynFlags
>  2. Call runHscQQ in the renamer whenever a quasi-quote gets expanded.
>  3. Make sure that the typechecker passes the result of the renamer through.
>  4. Call runHscPlugin on the result of the typechecker.
> In my client code I then combine the information obtained from these
> three sources (2, 3, 4).
> The path of least resistance for me currently to submit this as a patch
> for ghc therefore be to submit a patch that does precisely what I
> described above, mutatis mutandis based on your feedback, except that I
> would add an option to add to DynFlags that would tell the type checker
> whether or not to pass the result of the renamer through, rather than
> hardcoding it.
> It is a little bit messy mostly because parts of the AST get lost along
> the way: quasi-quotes in the renamer, data type declarations and other
> things during type checking. A more ideal way, but also more time
> consuming, would be to change this so that the renamer leaves evidence
> of the quasi-quotes in the tree, and the type checker returns the entire
> tree type checked, rather than just a subset. I think that ultimately
> this is the better approach, at least for our purposes -- I'm not sure
> about other tools, but since this would be a larger change that affects
> larger parts of the ghc pipeline I'm not sure that I'll be able to do it.
> Any and all feedback on the above would be appreciated!
> Edsko
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