[commit: ghc] master: Tidy up cross-compiling (109a1e5)

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at singpolyma.net
Fri Jan 18 16:25:16 CET 2013

Somebody claiming to be Simon Marlow wrote:
>Ok, new wiki page is here:


--with-gcc=<gcc> --with-ld=<ld> --with-nm=<nm> --with-objdump=<objdump>

Necessary?  I guess if the given tools are not on PATH with the normal 
cross-compiling prefix?

>Please edit away.  In particular I haven't investigated cross-compiling 
>with LLVM

That's a bit broken right now (since GHC doesn't pass through the target to 
LLVM), but otherwise just involves having an LLVM that supports the target 
on PATH.


cabal --with-ghc=<cross-ghc> --with-ld=<ld> ...

What does this do?  So far I've been careful to use a seperate ~/.cabal-blah 
directory to not entangle my two cabals.  Will it handle things nicely?  Do 
you need to tell it where to find ghc-pkg, or will --with-ghc work for that?  
Maybe I can switch to just a script/alias instead of a whole config file :)

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