validate failures

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Wed Jan 16 15:37:58 CET 2013

Lots of validate failures today (x86-64/Linux):

Unexpected failures:
    indexed-types/should_compile         Gentle [exit code non-0] (normal)
    perf/compiler                        T5030 [stat not good enough] 
    polykinds                            T6068 [bad stderr] (ghci)
    rename/should_fail                   rnfail055 [stderr mismatch] 
    typecheck/should_compile             tc235 [exit code non-0] (normal)
    typecheck/should_fail                T5684 [stderr mismatch] (normal)

Many of them seem to be of this kind:

+    Illegal instance declaration for `HasSingleton
+                                        (Maybe ak) (Maybe a) mp'
+      Multiple uses of this instance may be inconsistent
+      with the functional dependencies of the class.
+    In the instance declaration for `HasSingleton (Maybe a) mp'

Anyone know why this is?


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