NOTICE: Gitolite migration is complete.

Austin Seipp aseipp at
Sat Aug 10 00:19:53 CEST 2013


Push access is now restored and Gitolite is in place! This brings some
nice updates:

 * There's now access to the 'git' protocol for cloning anonymously.
This lets you clone even the biggest repos extremely quickly, and is
the fastest method for getting a copy of the tree.
 * Firewalled? Cloning over HTTP now uses Smart HTTP support for Git,
meaning it should be faster too!
 * We will soon have Gitweb available, once our CNAME
is in place. Eventually we'd like something akin to possibly.
 * None of you have shell access to anymore (well,
this is a nice update for us administrators :)

The following people have had their keys re-added, and should be able
to push and pull from the new setup.

 * Andreas Voellmy
 * Austin Seipp
 * Ben Lippmeier
 * Iavor Diatchki
 * David Terei
 * David Waern
 * Dimitrios Vytiniotis
 * Duncan Coutts
 * Edsko de Vries
 * Erik de Castro Lopo
 * Edward Yang
 * Geoffrey Mainland
 * Gabor Greif
 * Herbert Valerio Riedel
 * Ian Lynagh
 * Ilya Sergey
 * Johan Tibell
 * José Pedro Magalhães
 * Jan Stolarek
 * Manuel Chakravarty
 * Max Bolingbroke
 * Nicholas Frisby
 * Paolo Capriotti
 * Richard Eisenberg
 * Roman Leshchinskiy
 * Ross Patterson
 * Simon Hengel
 * Simon Marlow
 * Simon Peyton Jones
 * Thomas Schilling

The following people still have shell access for any administrative needs:

 * Austin Seipp (and the remaining infrastructure team.)
 * Herbert Valerio Riedel
 * Ian Lynagh

I have undoubtedly missed some people. Please talk to me and we'll get
you set up!

If you're a developer, please read about developer changes here:


TL;DR: if you have an old tree, run the following four commands from
the root to fix the push/pull URLs.

$ git checkout master
$ git pull master
$ ./sync-all -r ssh:// remote set-url origin
$ ./sync-all -r ssh:// remote set-url --push origin

The reason you must get the latest-copy of ./sync-all is because
Herbert made some last minute bug fixes. Technically, you could just
download the latest copy and run it directly, but this is easier and
fairly straight forward.

Please direct any concerns to me, like if you need something off the
server, need your shell account back, or need commit access. Over the
next few days, I'll be cleaning up the wiki - updating references and
guides on how to check out the source for users and developer. I also
might be sending out some emails with questions while we refine the
new setup in the next few days (there were some Trac integration

Also, a gigantic applause for Herbert, who did a lot of the work here!

Austin - PGP: 4096R/0x91384671

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