sync-all get failing

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Sat Aug 3 05:04:02 CEST 2013

./sync-all get is failing (see below).  Any ideas?


bash-3.1$ ./sync-all get
warning: ghc-tarballs already present; omitting
== ghc-tarballs: running git config --local core.ignorecase true
error: unknown option `local'
usage: git config [options]

Config file location
    --global              use global config file
    --system              use system config file
    -f, --file <FILE>     use given config file

    --get                 get value: name [value-regex]
    --get-all             get all values: key [value-regex]
    --get-regexp          get values for regexp: name-regex [value-regex]
    --replace-all         replace all matching variables: name value [value_regex]
    --add                 adds a new variable: name value
    --unset               removes a variable: name [value-regex]
    --unset-all           removes all matches: name [value-regex]
    --rename-section      rename section: old-name new-name
    --remove-section      remove a section: name
    -l, --list            list all
    -e, --edit            opens an editor
    --get-color <slot>    find the color configured: [default]
    --get-colorbool <slot>
                          find the color setting: [stdout-is-tty]

    --bool                value is "true" or "false"
    --int                 value is decimal number
    --bool-or-int         value is --bool or --int
    --path                value is a path (file or directory name)

    -z, --null            terminate values with NUL byte

git failed: 33024 at ./sync-all line 116.
== Checking for old haddock repo
== Checking for old binary repo
== Checking for old mtl repo
== Checking for old Cabal repo
== Checking for old time from tarball
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