[Freebsd-haskell] Development Plans

Ashish SHUKLA wahjava.ml at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 20:00:59 EST 2009

Ashish SHUKLA writes:
> Samy Al Bahra writes:

> [snipped the plan since I'm okay with it]

>> The following issues need to be addressed,
>> github mirror: Ashish, could you give us the URL to the github mirror?
>> Should this be a weekly mirror? Daily?

> The way I thought github mirroring will work is different from the 
> reality. They aren't going to pull from us. We've to push to them. I'll 
> work out a script (after testing) about this by tomorrow and will post 
> to this list. But it should be something similar to the following lines 
> in ${REPO}/.git/hooks/post-update:

> ,----
> | #!/bin/sh
> | git push ssh://git@github.com/user/repo
> `----

The tested ${REPO}/.git/hooks/post-update should look like:

,---- ${REPO}/.git/hooks/post-update
| #!/bin/sh
| # On update to a branch, push to the corresponding
| # remote branch at "github" remote repository.
| git push github $1
| # Also update auxiliary info files to help update dumb servers.
| # if there is some daemon running.
| git update-server-info
| exit 0

> So someone has to create a github account and a repository.

> Another thing I would like to recommend is generation of a weekly, daily
> tarball which one can use instead of initial clone. Extract the tarball
> and 'git pull' and you're updated.

And there is another question, whether we can create extra branches
(for personal use, e.g. the stuff which we want to commit (because we
prefer redundant backup) but is not suitable for merging with "ports"
branch) other than the four important branches. Hmm..? I don't think
this will be any issue but just wanted to be sure.

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