Bound Threads

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Mar 17 17:06:25 EST 2003

| Maybe, the forkOS/forkIO approach is flawed, but I think we 
| should only rule it out when we can provide a convincing 
| example where only the keyword approach would work, and where 
| we can't use combinators to achieve the same effect.


There has been extended discussion on this stuff, which Wolfgang and
Simon and I tried to boil out into a document.  It's hard to say exactly
what 'safe' or 'bound' exports, or whatever, might mean, so we give a
little operational semantics.

My hope is that the very same operational-semantic framework would serve
to describe your system. Would you like to write its transition rules,
in the same style?  Then we could compare the two more easily.   Without
that, I am hard pressed to understand the implications of what you
suggest, just as I was hard pressed to understand Wolfgang's proposal
till we had it specified.

You can find the document in the CVS respository in


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