New Bound Threads Proposal

Daan Leijen daanleijen at
Sat Apr 26 05:01:44 EDT 2003

Hi all,

Shame on me to not have written a proposal yet, but I am still
too busy with other stuff right now.

> I think I'll try to implement a prototype soon (unless someone protests 
> quickly and loudly), 

As you might guess, I am really happy to see the combinator approach
and an implementation in Haskell. (I still have to look a the details of your 
proposal though).

If you start with the prototype, I urge you to build it completely in Haskell;
using the *minimal* amount of primitive operations required. Those operations
will probably be:
- fork a native thread
- attach a haskell thread to a native thread
- moving unbound threads to other native threads
- getting the current threads and their mapping to native threads

Secondly, try to remove the whole safe/unsafe/threadsafe business and make
"safe" and "threadsafe" combinators too.


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