New Bound Threads Proposal

Wolfgang Thaller wolfgang.thaller at
Fri Apr 25 12:23:34 EDT 2003

> I think I like it.  Just to clarify: when you fork a new Haskell 
> thread,
> it isn't associated with a native thread, right?

Right. I said so in \subsection{Initial State}.

>   (the semantics doesn't
> model forkIO, I think it probably should).

OK, I'll add it to the semantics.

> If true, that gives us the
> important principle that
>   At any one time, there is at most one runnable Haskell thread
>   associated with, or bound to, any given native thread.

Exactly. I'll make sure it's mentioned somewhere.
(Also, a Haskell thread cannot be bound to a native thread that already 
has a different Haskell thread associated with it).

> which is important for reducing the complexity of the implementation.
> In an implementation which actually runs the Haskell thread in its 
> bound
> native thread (eg. GHC), we can be sure that when we want to switch to
> the bound native thread it isn't off doing something else.  Is that the
> reason for wanting this property?

Yes, that's what I was thinking.

I think I'll try to implement a prototype soon (unless someone protests 
quickly and loudly), because I have no courses at the university for 
one more week (3 weeks of Easter break), so I have some free time that 
I won't have afterwards.



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