Alastair Reid reid at cs.utah.edu
Thu Feb 22 16:07:04 EST 2001

> hsc2hs is in ghc-4.11.

Did I miss the last 3 releases?  I'm still stuck with something between 4.08.1
and 4.08.2 waiting for a debian package and freebsd port to appear for 4.08.2.

[Serious content of which is that I'm absolutely _not_ interested in subjecting
users of my tools to the bleeding edge of Haskell tools.  For example, we don't
even tell people how to build Knit from source because the current instructions
include installing 4.04 then using that to bootstrap 4.08.2 then building

> What would you like to obtain?

An output file or files which can be used as input to cc/ghc/Hugs/etc. (i.e.,
which doesn't require greencard, c2hs, hsc2hs, etc.) and which contains ifdefs
to handle any portability issues.

> Do you mean considering every possible combination of #ifdefed
> expressions? Sorry, it won't work. One of my modules contains 98
> #ifdefs in a row (generated by macros), which check availability of
> errno constants. I will not distribute 316912650057057350374175801344
> variants of this file.

Which is why it'd be nice if the output of the tools contained the ifdefs - a
tool can often (but not always) do a more intelligent job of generating ifdefs.


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