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Henri Chapelle henriavelabarbe at gmail.com
Mon May 7 12:59:22 CEST 2012

Very long term goal : ANSI SQL compliant RDBMS / OS runing on VM.
Shorter term : Haskell based RDBMS.
I'm quite new to Haskell and still in the early design phase.

2012/5/7 Leon Smith <leon.p.smith at gmail.com>

> I thought I should break the ice here;   we currently have 22
> subscribers,  with names I recognize from acid-state, mysql-simple,
> postgresql-simple, hssqlppp,  persistent,  and even PostgreSQL itself.   If
> I've missed anything relevant here,  please speak up.
> So the goal of this list is to help improve the state of database
> programming in Haskell;   I'm not picky about particular topics as long as
> they are of reasonable quality and relevant to database programming and
> Haskell.     This could be implementing a database in Haskell itself (like
> acid-state),  to interacting with traditional RDBMSes or newer NoSQL
> systems.
> My personal interest at the moment primarily lies at coming up with a good
> mid-level interface to RDBMSes along the lines of the -simple libraries,
> but I also have interest in an auto-pipelining client library for
> PostgreSQL,  which involves some very low-level details of the PostgreSQL
> frontend/backend protocol.  I'm also interested  in higher-level
> abstractions for dealing with relational databases in general,  but I
> really don't have well-formed opinions on how this should be done.
> Also while SQL can be cool,  it hides that coolness under a lot of
> syntactic (and some semantic) ugliness;  I often wish for a simpler, saner
> syntax,  replacing NULL with algebraic data types,   and a richer attribute
> types,  especially relationally valued attributes.
> So what you interested in?
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