cabal-install- and Cabal- are now available

Oleg Grenrus oleg.grenrus at
Mon Oct 12 21:36:43 UTC 2020

The Cabal developers are happy to announce the fourth (and hopefully final)
release candidate for cabal-install-

The corresponding tags are `cabal-install-` and

and there is a handful of binaries available at

Ubuntu-16.04 bindist should work on most recent Linux distributions,
(requires at least kernel 3.15, compiled against glibc-2.23).
Similarly darwin-sierra bindist should work on newer macOSes as well.

The binary distributions are built from the source distributions
of Cabal and cabal-install available at the same directory.
Additionally I have uploaded candidates to Hackage:


NOTE: If you are testing the recently announced GHC-9.0.1-alpha1 [1],
it is highly recommended that you use cabal-install-



Please comment on a plan for gradual removal of v1-commands.

There have been few replies on reddit [2] but no replies on the mailing



Since the third release candidate (rc3) following issues were resolved:

- Pass -optcxx for GHC >= 8.10
- Require custom-setup for cabal-version: 1.24 and later
- Allow Win32-
- Remove v2-build beta note from --help
- Fix command notes being replaced by descriptions
- documentation: Nix style local builds have become the default
- Provide slightly more information when there are multiple occurences
of same package

Since the second release candidate (rc2) following issues were resolved:

- Regression in cabal repl handling of `-z` flag
- Allow Win32-
- v2-update updates file+noindex repositories cach
- Fix cabal sdist issues for packages with data-files

Since the first release candidate (rc1) following issues were resolved:

- Bump process version required for job support to 1.6.9
- GHC-8.12 is GHC-9.0
- cabal-install-head v2-install fails to process source-repository-package

cabal-install-3.4 release highlights are:

- Support for upcoming GHC-9.0
- Removal of sandboxes
- Improved public sublibrary support
- `active-repositories` configuration
- Various `cabal init` improvements
- Various `cabal sdist` improvements
- `source-repository-package` are not treated as local packages
- Added `list-bin` command

Complete release notes (drafts) are at:

Please do test this release and let us know if you encounter any issues:

- Oleg

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