Pure Haskell replacement for a dependency package

Marcel Fourné haskell at marcelfourne.de
Fri Feb 22 13:44:57 UTC 2019

Hello Mikhail,

Am 2019-02-22 um 12:53 schrieb Mikhail Glushenkov:

>> Would you as developers of hackage-security / Cabal / stack be
>> interested in adopting such a replacement? And, if yes, what
>> conditions would such a library have to fulfill?  
>If it doesn't result in too much of a slowdown, I think it would make
>sense to do this change. I'd recommend making the choice between
>ed25519/eccrypto configurable via a flag so that we could compare the
>two. I'm cc:ing Edsko, who is the main author of hackage-security.

That sounds prudent. 
I included some basic benchmarks and depending on the CPU used I get
some triple digit signatures/verifications per second per core (even on
Sandy Bridge; only low-hanging fruit optimizations used until now).
ed25519 is faster, but I am unsure what your intended performance
profile is.

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